Continuing A Legacy


My Priorites


Students are the front line of education. So often their opinions and observations are relegated to casual conversation, if acknowledged at all. All students, even the very young, have valuable insights to share. When students feel their voice matters, they are much more likely to become involved in their education. A learning environment that encourages student participation, promotes a sense of connection and well being, which is fundamental to a successful educational experience.


Communication between parents and the board is vital to the growth of the district. All parents want the best things in life for their children. They share many of the same hopes, dreams and worries as other parents in the community. Inviting and encouraging parental input creates an enormous opportunity to implement, fresh approaches to the education, health, and safety of all our children. Not only does everyone have a opinion, but these ideas have the potential to make a lifelong impact, on both the individual, and the district as a whole.


The Township of Mount Olive was once a thriving agricultural community. With increased development, the amount of acres farmed has greatly diminished. But farming overall in NJ has grown. Understanding where our food comes from, developing productive farms, and creating new ways to protect and preserve our natural resources, has never been more important. Students should have the chance not only to learn about agriculture, but participate in national programs such as the FFA (Future Farmers Of America).


As the saying goes, “Art isn’t easy.” The fine arts, music, and theater have gradually become token rewards, instead of respected areas of focus. Technology is important, but not at the expense of the arts. A well rounded education provides a balance between the two. By providing new opportunities to study areas such as music, painting, photography, theater, dance, sculpture, etc., we will foster the kind of creative thinking, that can revolutionize the world, and successfully address its most pressing challenges.